Welcome to the tour

There are many facettes to boatbuilding – we can only cover a few …


Splicing rigging wire

Why does it makte sense?

Good ways to protect wooden spars

There is more than one way…

How about a personal paddle board?

Within reach of a skilled amateur…

To buy or make your own?

Mast hoops and other essentials

Building a club tender

A community project

To keep a legacy going strong

Repainting a classic racer-cruiser

More to follow…

Traditional blocks finished with Owatrol D1 oil and then lacquered with D2
Complete refit of 1963 vintage Finn
Isn’t she a beauty – the boat – not the guy!
The tiniest freighter on the lake – carries 2 adults and a kid, rows well, can be sailed or motored and fits into the rack space of plastic bic tender

Did we raise your interest?


EMMA’s first day out sailing!