Repaint from the bottom up

Paint layers have accumulated on a classic racer cruiser over 40 years to an extent, where compatibility issues between the layers were such that no new paint layer could make it look good again for more than a season. Invariably spiderwebby cracks along the waterline would invite algae in no time, requiring a cleaning job each time one wanted to go sailing.

The paint and all the filler that was part of the problem needed to come off.

Many layers of old paint are already gone – somuch more to go…
Any tired glue joints were fixed in the process
Starting to look good – ready for paint
Last layer – a transparent coat to protect the red from discoloring
Speacial treatment: Difficult to reach keel sole is getting final touch
Ready for the first spring regatta
Going through the paces – the effort was worth it!
Stunning performance
After rounding the last buoy – off to the finishing line